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Ghorbani F, Rezaee E. Jurisprudential Approach to Criterion of Reproductive Legitimacy of the Wife by Foreign Gametes. Medical Law Journal. 2017; 11 (42) :41-64
URL: http://ijmedicallaw.ir/article-1-768-en.html
1- Department of Theology and Islamic Education, Payamenoor University of Nahavand, Iran. (Corresponding author)
2- Department of Theology and Islamic Education, Payamenoor University of Nahavand, Iran
Wife fertility by donation sperm or ovum is one of the new methods of laboratory fertility that experts benefit it to treat infertility of one of the spouses. In this technique, by supervision of doctor, wife will be able to fertility by getting donations sperm or ovum.
Infertility treatment of wife by foreign gametes causes some reactions and oppositions from Shia and Sunni scholars, especially this opposition is more precisely considered in relationship with wife fertility by foreign man’s sperm in a way that more scholars treat this prick as adultery and oppose to maintaining chastity. By this citations, it is necessary to study if donation of gametes is unlawful? Or its permission is not out of mind? And by permission assumption, what compliance issues are its provisions? Is administration of this method interference in divine destiny, adultery and violation of caution in frvj? So, in this study, by firm answering to mentioned questions, we prove that benefiting this technique will be conditional lawful.

Please cite this article as: Ghorbani F, Rezaee E. Jurisprudential Approach to Criterion of Reproductive Legitimacy of the Wife by Foreign Gametes. Iran J Med Law 2017; 11(42): 41-64.
Type of Study: Original Article |
Received: 2016/10/28 | Accepted: 2017/08/5

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