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Head of Medical Ethics and Law Research Center at Shahid Beheshti university of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran. Vice President of International Association of Islamic Bioethics and Head of Ethics in Sciences and Technology committee of national commission of ISESCO.
Family is a precious, fundamental and sensitive community which extremely affects different aspects of human life. Undoubtedly, based on codes of ethics, family and its continuation have useful functions in the complex social system. To achieve a superior goal obtained by formation of a family and its continuance, it is crucially important to notice and deliberate on quantitative and qualitative indexes of family. Traits and qualities that are thought to originate from morality in family would bring about factual insight and generosity for personality, and would be considered as supreme purposes of prophets. The primary members of the immediate family include a man and a woman who have to take advantage of a sacred and internal link, i.e. love, beside the necessities those keep them together. One of the major objectives in Islam is to standardize behavior and treat sensual pains and thus to create a society endowed with legitimate codes of ethics. As a smallest social community, it is significantly important to abide by principles of morality. Given that, it would be appropriate to study and analyze the effectiveness and function of morality in management of personal and collective lives within family to particularly prevent crimes or reduce their negative and harmful effects. The research on this matter would be especially useful since family as a social institution is honored by different religions. This Article studies the role of morality within family in preventing crimes and violence.

Please cite this article as: Abbasi M. Family Bioethics and its role in prevention of crimes and family management. Iran J Med Law 2017; 10(39): 101-121.
واژه‌های کلیدی: Morality، Family Management، Prevention of Crimes، Violence
نوع مطالعه: پژوهشي |
دریافت: 1395/5/4 | پذیرش: 1395/8/18

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